Souleymane Camara, “There are a lot of factors that impact our work…”

Africa Footgoal : Mr. Camara, what’s the secret to your longevity?

Souleymane Camara : As I have always said, there are a lot of factors in our work. There’s football, there’s what’s around this football, and there’s nutrition, there’s sleep. For me, I had the chance to rub shoulders with great players in Monaco who made me understand that to last over time you need work, seriousness and also eat balanced, properly and above all a lot of rest.

Africa FootGoal : Thank you very much. Do you have any plans today to come back to work in Africa?

Souleymane Camara : We always have projects and also we want to give back what football has given us, especially to share our experience, particularly as I said earlier. Now I am one of the founding members of Dakar Sacré Cœur which is located in Senegal and so I do that and I say hello to Mathieu Chupin in passing and all the members of DSC. I will continue to do so and of course I will come as soon as I have the opportunity to Senegal, whether in Senegal or Africa, to share my experience.

Africa FootGoal : To end with you Mr. Camara, what are your impressions of the Africa FootGoal conference?

Souleymane Camara : In any case for me it was a great pleasure to participate in this conference and I encourage you to repeat conferences like this one to talk about football, especially African football and football in general and to encourage investors to come. It was a real pleasure to participate in this conference.

Africa FootGoal : Thank you, see you soon.