Sadio Demba, Senegalese Coach in Belgium “Africa FootgGoal is a great moment of African football”

Africa FootGoal : Thank you all for joining us for this press conference. The first question is for Mr. Sadio Demba. Now taking into account all your experience in Belgium and Saudi Arabia, do you have any projects to coach an African team?

Sadio Demba : I believe that after so many years in the football world working in Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and so on, at some point you have to prepare to return to the motherland. So for me there is no question if the opportunity arises with a good project in Africa, I will not hesitate to go.

Africa FootGoal : Thank you very much. Mr Sadio Demba, we would like to hear your thoughts on the Africa FootGoal conference.

Sadio Demba : For me, it was with great pleasure that I followed all of our guests. I think we should salute this great moment in football which can participate in development, especially at home, because when we take themes such as managing performance I believe that we should be able to sit at a table with the specialists and officials in football and discuss them to profit from it. This is really something that we will continue to applaud and I hope the football world will have the opportunity to follow it in detail in the days to come so that they can come together around the essential elements. So hats off to JAPPO, its President and all the employees who made this platform successful. Thank you.