Professor Sakho of the EDGE Institute, Scientific Partner of Africa FootGoal, speaks about management of African football

The EDGE group is a higher education training structure that targets economics, law, management, and that is why we say EDGE (School of Law, Economics and Management). But EDGE also means the limit of knowledge, we must go to the end of knowledge. In fact, that is EDGE in a way. So we don’t just do sport, I’m interested in a lot of things, regulation, complaints, arbitration, all these questions have training on that. But in sport, it does not date from now, it was personal at first. At Cheikh Anta Diop University I created the Master in Law and Sports Economics a few years ago and during this first promotion of this Master we had at the time Pape Diouf who was president of the OM and we invited him. He had given a very good lecture at Cheikh Anta Diop University, in the great hall. He had talked about running a sports club. That said, the work we do at EDGE is backed by a research center that is one of the most influential in West Africa, called the CRES Consortium for Economic and Social Research. With the CRES, we manage to publish. We publish a lot of things and on this level, for example one of the first books that we published on football in Senegal, it dates from 2006, and it’s called “11 elements to understand the management of Senegalese football”. Then, just before the 2010 World Cup, we released a book called “The Great Challenges of African Football” and it was Pape Diouf who published that.